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Department of Design and consultancy engineering :

Name Position Specialization
Dr. Tarek Saleh Al-Attar Chief Chairman of Advisory Group Ph.D. in civil engineering
Dr.Faris  Hammoudi Mohammad Associate Chief Chairman of the Sanitary and environmental group Ph.D. in civil engineering
Eng.  Abdul-Amir Taher head of the  Architecture group Master of Architecture
Eng.  Mustapha Samir Abd al-Karim Engineer in  Structural dep. Master of Civil Engineering
Eng. Mohamed Salah Abdel-Hassan Engineer in  Structural dep. B.Sc. in  engineering
Eng. Mohammed Noor Al-Din Engineer in the planning and management dep. Bachelor of Civil Engineering
Eng. Zeinab Haidar architectural engineer Bachelor of Architecture

Eng. Hind Adnan

architectural engineer Bachelor of Architecture
Alaa Khalil Office manager Bachelor of Management and Economics

Duties of the design and consultancy engineering

1st. Planning and management of work

• Prepare the progress of the work schedules of the projects implemented by the company and subsequently updated in accordance with the developments during the implementation of the work.
• Preparation of financial schemes (Cash flow) in accordance with the progress of work schedules.
• To provide practical suggestions to facilitate the task of project management in implementation and consistent with the possibilities and the safety of the implementation and discuss these proposals with the employer and obtaining the necessary approvals.
• work to ensure quality control of materials and work.

2nd. Studies and design work:

• Preparation of economic feasibility studies of the company projects.
• Preparation of technical studies for alternatives for materials, processes and methods of implementation of projects.
• Preparation of Architectural, construction, electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic and ٍSanitary Design of the projects referred to the charge of the company or for different projects from outside the company.
• check the design of the various stages of the work prepared by staff from outside the company.
• Prepare Bill of quantities and pricing it.
• Workshop preparation schemes (Shop drawings) to collect the details of the design and provision of services by the project as needed.

3rd. Business Consulting:

• Providing business consulting (office and site) and the provision of technical advice to the company and the projects periodically and including the implementation of the work under the design and specifications required.
• Preparation of studies and plans for the rehabilitation of the various projects.
• Technical advice with regard to the selection of devices and equipment for projects to be implemented by the company.


A- Water Treatment Plant
  1. Design of Al–Kut Water Treatment Plant
  2. Design of Karbala Water Treatment Plant

B- Water Network

  1. Design of Amara Water Net.
  2. Design of Mosul Water Net.
  3. Design of Ramadi Water Net.
  4. Design of Diywaniya Water Net.
  5. Design of Karbala Water Net.

C- Sewage System Design

  1. Design of Mosul Sewage System
  2. Design of Hilla Sewage System
  3. Design of Falluja Sewage System
  4. Design of Diywaniya Water Net.
  5. Design of Karbala Water Net.


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