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the company set up and rehabilitation of crew through training courses within and outside Iraq in coordination with some equipped for materials used in work implementation for example:

- Training of the use and install form work and scaffolding and arrangement shop drawing.
) Germany ( Peri Co.

- The work of the installation and install bearing pads and expansion joints for bridges
) Germany  ( Co. Maurersohne Gmbh

2nd. preparation and organization of courses to train service engineer supervisor and crew who will receive and run the project after the completion (beneficiaries).

Training (GIS)  

AL Ghadak Co. GIS Departs. did a Basic GIS Training course Between (6 - 29) March 2004 In MOSUL / IRAQ The training program sponsored by RTI (Research Triangle Institute).
The program involve of, Basic GIS ArcView 3.3, GPS training course, Foundation project on Sewage, Water, Transportation and Urban planning with spatial emphasize on practicing ArcView applications using workstations located in Mosul Municipality.

Information Technology  

As part of Ghadak Group there are a number of IT companies in the UK and Europe that are closely associated in providing a range of project management and technical support skills and resources to Ghadak IT.

While the company is in the process of establishing itself within Iraqi Markets, we are able to further assist through our European associated companies of the group which have access to wealth of knowledge and resources in Telecommunications, Financial and Banking sector who can provide expertise and know-how which can easily be available to guarantee successful implementations, training, on going support and after sale services in Iraq.

There are also a number of senior IT personnel who have considerable experience in providing systems technical support and training to our clients base in Europe who can be available to work in Baghdad, Dubai and Gulf area. These services encompass customer site systems implementation, formal classroom and on-site training.The latter provides a low cost alternative to the formal training environments, offering the following benefits.

  1. Allowing the client to tailor the training requirement to specific work issues.
  2. Eliminating travelling time and expenses.


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