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Al-Yarmook Electricty Network  

The electricity network rehabilitation projects in the Yarmuk districts (608,612,616)

Projects Location: Projects are in Baghdad city – Karkh – Yarmuk area,
Districts No. (608, 612, and 616).

Contract date: 3/12/2007.

The amount of contracts: total amounts for the three contracts  is (15211443250) Iraqi Dinar.

Contract period: 450 days for each contract.

Project Description: projects contain rehabilitate electricity network for Yarmuk in three districts (608, 612, and 616), which is include lifting of the old electricity network and processing and terrestrial network in accordance with the charts and technical specifications.
 Numbering system network (kiosk stations, Cables, funds scale consumer, lampposts, optical cells boxes, high tension cables and low tension cables) access to the consumer.

Stages of work: work continues from the date of direct so far that the rates of achievement is as follows: -
District 608         27 %
District 612         66%
District 616         19%



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